Symposium "Current Business Law Applied"

Dr. Ana Lucia Alves da Costa Arduin participate as a panelist at the Symposium "Company Law of Applied News", to be held on 22.09.2017, the headquarters of the Order of Lawyers of Brazil, Sectional State of Santa Catarina.

The event will gather important names of Corporate Law and Commercial Law, such as Prof. Dr. Fábio Coelho Ulhoa (PUC / SP) and Dr. Danilo Borges dos Santos Gomes de Araujo (GVLaw / SP) and Drs lawyers. Andrey Marcos de Souza and Rodrigo Monteiro de Castro, among others. It will also have the prestigious presence of the Exmo. Judge Paulo Henrique Moritz Martins da Silva, of the Court of Justice of the State of Santa Catarina.

The symposium is organized by the Committee on Business Law of OAB / SC and Corporate Law Institute Applied (IDSA) and address current issues of Corporate and Commercial Law, such as: Corporate Governance, Partial Dissolution Corporation, the corporation Football and the Legal Security in Commercial Law.

Coffee Project with Mediation

Dr. Ana Lúcia Alves da Costa Arduin will give a lecture on Mediation and Good Corporate Governance Practices, in the Coffee Project with Mediation, which will be held on 09/15/2017, at the headquarters of the Tozzini Freire Advogados office.The event will bring together important names from the Law and from the Mediation and Corporate Governance area, such as Adriana Adler, Alessandra Bonilha, Luciana Nogueira and His Excellency Judge Marcelo Sacramone.Check the schedule on the side.


Dr. Ana Lúcia Alves da Costa Arduin will give a lecture about Mediation in the context of Corporate Governance, in the Group of Studies of Family Business of the Getúlio Vargas Foundation Law School of São Paulo (GVLaw-SP), which will be held on 16 / 05/2017, in the auditorium of the School of Law, located at Rua Rocha, 233, Bela Vista. Check out the schedule at the link below.

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